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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility at Alliance University has evolved to include the participation of all stakeholders: students, faculty, non-government organizations (NGO), and the local community. Over the years the students and faculty at the University have actively participated in outreach program initiatives where they contribute their knowledge, skills, and technical expertise to the community. At the same time, the University also has supported the program activities of several NGO's operating in the community.

CSR at the University encourages and propels students to imbibe the qualities of enlightened leadership and thereby instills in them a level of trust and confidence about themselves and the community. The values of social responsibility qualities, the students imbibe are:

  • Genuine respect for others and their points of view
  • The ability to be sensitive to draw a line when making profits and contributing towards social investment
  • Strong personal integrity and reaching out to those whose lives they can touch and make a difference
  • Ability to handle challenging situations and providing workable solutions for the same

Corporate social responsibility at the Alliance University will align itself and work towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals, by 2015. In this context, several innovative programs in the thematic areas of health, education, environment, livelihood, natural resource management, and the preservation of traditional arts and culture as well as other related areas, are being designed and to be implemented in future. These innovative programs are developed bearing in mind the local cultural context and the needs of people. Apart from funding various activities of the communities, the University's also extends the expertise in terms of knowledge and human resources for the success of the programs.

CSR Mission of the University

  • Alliance University, Corporate Social Responsibility department aspires to become a Centre of Excellence through a series of collaborations with NGO'S and government agencies for CSR projects on thematic areas such as health, education , environment and community development
  • Alliance University empowers students by providing opportunities to participate in social outreach programs of the University so as to enable them to serve the underprivileged section of the society, and enhance their quality of life by willingly contributing skills and knowledge
  • Incorporating and integrating CSR education in the curriculum of all schools and colleges

Objectives of CSR

  • To integrate and add value to the existing CSR course at the University through collaborations with Corporate CSR.
  • To empower students to share knowledge and skills to improve systems of management for the benefit of partner organizations.
  • To develop and initiate collaborations with stakeholders for strategic inventions in the community in the areas of health, education, community development, and environment.
  • To engage and encourage students to do short term internship at NGO and corporate CSR