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CSR Environment


Alliance University in the process of establishing various schools of specialisations , the present being School of Business, recognises its Corporate responsibility towards protection and conservation of environment at their campuses and at the local communities that we operate in.

The University recognises that our Schools will have direct and indirect impacts on the environment and we hope to strive to manage these in a responsible manner. All stakeholders of the University will be expected to manage all energy resources, renewable and non renewable in a responsible way.

Alliance University at their School will employ the best practices for management of the environment at their campuses. To ensure the above, the University and the stakeholders will strive to:

  • Check and Prevent pollution to reduce health hazards
  • Recycle, Reuse and Reduce waste
  • Manage Natural Resources in a sustainable manner and ensure optimal use of resources like land and water
  • Proactively respond to the challenges of climate change by adopting cleaner methods
  • Promote efficient use of energy and environment friendly technologies

Students Participation through ECO CLUBS for CLEAN and GREEN Campus

  • Say " NO " to Plastics – Campaign by students. All stakeholders will be requested to carry paper bags and cloth bags in the campus
  • Students to plant saplings in the campus. Nursery available and maintained in the campus
  • Disposal of e waste in an appropriate manner
  • Reduce paper waste in offices and use of recycled paper
  • Switch off electricity and computers when not in use
  • Switch off water taps and plug in leaking taps
  • Using of bicycles inside the campus and avoid using vehicles that emit carbon monoxide
  • Sanitation and hygiene programme in schools and villages communities


  • Installing rainwater harvesting systems
  • Waste water management systems like recycling sewage water for gardening
  • Organic methods of composting -- Vermicompost
  • Use of solar energy for electricity—in offices, hostels, streets
  • Recharge pits/trenches inside the campus for ground water recharge of borewells
  • Separate dry and wet garbage at the food court and recycle them to produce bio gas in future
  • Increase medicinal plants to improve the air inside the campus
  • Environment awareness programmes in the local communities and schools with collaboration with NGO's

Future Plans

  • Setting up a bio diversity park in the campus
  • Inclusion of more traditional medicinal plants inside the campus
  • Participating in the awareness programmes in the community
  • More waste reduction methods and recycling methodologies to be used – Bio Gas plant in the canteen
  • Creating a more eco friendly environment
  • Eco Club of students