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Corporate Speak

ADARSH MISHRA, LG Electronic India Pvt. Ltd.


LG Electronic India Pvt. Ltd.

It has always been a pleasure to visit the Alliance School of Business. We appreciate the hard work the institution takes in grooming and creating future business leaders who are passionate, competent, and ready to take any challenge ahead.

JAYANTH RAJARAM, ANZ Support Services India


ANZ Support Services India

Our experience with the B-school has been an extremely positive one. These young managers came in with high levels of confidence and enthusiasm. We are extremely satisfied with the performance of all the graduates and would definitely like to increase our engagement with the B-school in the foreseeable future.

ANIL HIRANI, Hiranandani Upscale


Hiranandani Upscale

The Alliance School of Business is perceived to be one of the most reputed B-schools by the corporate world today! Graduates of this institute demonstrate exceptionally brilliant skills in their respective fields of specialization.

MANOJJ ARORA, Cadbury India Ltd.


Cadbury India Ltd.

We take extreme pleasure in getting associated with the Alliance School of Business for recruiting your graduates. We are very much impressed with the quality of the education imparted at your institute, students’ knowledge and skill level, and the values instilled in them.