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PUBLIC NOTICE (Date: 9th August 2017)

Public Notice 10 Aug. 2017

Alliance Business School is a section 25 company founded by Smt. Shaila Chebbi and Smt. M.S. Gouda and is the sponsoring body of Alliance University. The University is established in the State of Karnataka by the Act No. 34 of 2010 and is recognized by the University Grants Commission.

One Mr. Madhukar Angur is the former Chancellor of Alliance University. He was appointed as the first Chancellor of Alliance University on 16/9/2010. On 5/3/2015 the board accepted the resignation of Madhukar Angur from the post of MD and Director of Alliance Business School.

On February 6, 2016, Mr. Madhukar Angur was taken into judicial custody as a result of a criminal case registered against him by the Madivala Police in Crime No 198/2016 under section 375 of the Indian Penal Code. After investigation, the police have filed a charge sheet against him.

The Board of Directors of the sponsoring body after conducting a detailed enquiry about the activities of Madhukar Angur, found him guilty of various financial irregularities, embezzlement of funds, breach of trust, serious irregularities and misusing of financial position and the commission of other offences leading to severe moral turpitude. Consequently, the board terminated the appointment of Madhukar Angur from the post of Chancellor of Alliance University on 7/4/2016 by following the due process of law as prescribed under Section 11 of the Alliance University Act, 2010.

A One-Man Commission appointed by the Higher Education Department, Government of Karnataka in its report submitted to the Government of Karnataka has also found him guilty of embezzlement of university funds to the tune of Rs.96 Crores.

The sponsoring body appointed Professor Sudhir G. Angur as the new Chancellor of the AIIiance University on 15/4/2016.

Mr. Madhukar Angur, though terminated from the post, continues to create disturbance by going around misusing the nomenclature, seals, assets and intellectual property of Alliance University with the false claim that he is the Chancellor of Alliance University. In this regard a complaint of impersonation was registered in the Anekal Police Station on 27/4/2016 against him. 

In the matter of O.S. 3006/2016 filed by Mr. Madhukar Angur in the Hon'ble City Civil Court, the court held that the sponsoring body is the supreme body under Alliance University Act 2010 and has got every right to appoint, reappoint or terminate the appointment of chancellor at its discretion as per section ll(i) of the Alliance University Act 2010. Accordingly, by exercising the said power the sponsoring body has dismissed Mr. Madhukar Angur from the post of Chancellor as per the order dated 7/4/2016. The Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka has also observed similar view.

Therefore, the removal of Mr. Madhukar Angur from the post of the Chancellor by the sponsoring body has come to become final and is in accordance with law. Mr. Madhukar Angur, therefore, has nothing to do with Alliance University.

The Hon'ble City Civil Court in various suits had issued three separate injunction orders restraining Madhukar Angur and his aides from interfering in the affairs of the university and company including prohibiting him from entering into any of the premises  of the university. On 29th September, 2016, despite these orders of injunction being in force, Madhukar Angur illegally gate-crashed into the university campus at Anekal with several anti-social elements using money and muscle power. It is learnt that he and his accomplices are misleading people and various authorities by committing many illegal acts which include:

  1. Creating fake website in the name of Alliance University (, which is unauthorized and illegal. The official website of Alliance University is
  2. Opening of fictitious bank accounts in the name of University by impersonation which have now been frozen following the due process of law.
  3. Appointing several unauthorized personnel as officers of the University including Mr. K. S. Venkateshappa as Registrar and Mr. B. K. Ravindra as the Vice­ Chancellor. These appointments are unauthorized and illegal
  4. Directing students to deposit fees in third party bank accounts in the name of 'Sriveri Educational Services', which is a criminal offence.
  5. Fraudulently entering into various sale agreements/contracts in so far as the assets and the properties of the Alliance University are concerned.
  6. Trying to sell shares of the sponsoring body (which they have none) with a view to collect money for their personal gains.

The general public is hereby informed/cautioned that whoever deals with Madhukar Angur or with any of his unauthorized personnel in respect of any work concerning Alliance University or enters into any contract with him or his aides with regard to the assets and the properties of Alliance University I Alliance Business School, would be doing so at their own risk, costs and consequences and the sponsoring body namely, Alliance Business School and the university namely, Alliance University will in noway be responsible for any of the consequences arising out of the said contracts.

Sd/- Directors
Alliance Business School

Place: Bangalore
Date: 9th August 2017