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B.Tech. Orientation – Batch of 2019

Alliance College of Engineering and Design (ACED), Alliance University welcomed its new cohort of undergraduate students. The dignitaries lit the lamp of wisdom and Dr. Anubha Singh, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Acting Vice-Chancellor was invited to deliver the inaugural address. As part of her address, she congratulated the students for choosing to study engineering at such an opportune time where technological innovations is altering and shaping human life uniquely. She laid emphasis on holding on to certain core values whilst engaging and embracing technology. Drawing examples from how a nursing student in Singapore developed a mobile application called myResponder that alerts members of the public to nearby fire and medical cases, thereby saving lives and increasing survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) and the collaboration between Adidas and Carbon to extend their line of shoes utilizing Futurecraft 4D technology to make midsoles, she highlighted how technology is changing things rapidly. She also threw light on how various industry sectors are adapting to technological changes and shared an example related to health sciences on how a lab grown bone along with 3D printed patient stem cell is a revolutionary treatment to osteoporosis in today’s times.

Dr. Anubha spoke on how Industry 4.0 and its twelve clusters are interdisciplinary in nature and urged students to gain a solid foundation during their formative years and focus on enhancing mathematical skills and develop cumulative knowledge of sciences and varied engineering disciplines. With 30% of the jobs being entirely new by 2025, Dr. Anubha reiterated the importance of values in decision making and engineering application by citing the code of ethics for young scientists by the World Economic Forum. The principles she shared are: a) Engage with public b) Pursue the truth c) Minimize harm d) Engage with decision makers e) Support diversity f) Be a mentor and g) Be accountable.

The inaugural address came to a close with Dr. Anubha asking the students to not just focus on gaining classroom knowledge, but also upskill themselves to be relevant and meet the ever growing technological changes effectively.

Alliance University wishes the new batch of students the very best!