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PRESS RELEASE - October 17, 2019


October 17, 2019


Alliance University and its members are deeply shocked and saddened by the sudden demise of Shri. Dr Ayyappa R. Dore, former Vice-Chancellor, Alliance University (2010-2013). During his tenure, he served the University diligently and continued to be a well-wisher.

The University strongly condemns such heinous acts of crime and would like justice to be upheld. Alliance University and its members, wish to pass on their deepest condolences to Dr. Pavana Dibbur, wife of Shri. Dr Ayyappa R. Dore. The University would definitely extend support, if needed, in ensuring the perpetrators are brought to light and firmly believe that investigations would be carried on diligently to identify both the cause and persons behind the criminal act.

The University at this time would request media houses not to speculate or communicate through their channels, information that could hamper the dignity and reputation of the deceased and also the University. Alliance University holds Dr. Ayyappa in very high esteem and we would not like for speculation to create undesirable information doing the rounds. We request all concerned media houses to cooperate and let the law take charge of the situation in hand.

It must also be noted here that there are false statements being made by former Chancellor Mr. Madhukar Angur to various media channels. Alliance University wishes to inform all media channels not to go by the statements being made by him and allow justice to prevail. Given this history of conflict, this situation is being made use of by Mr. Madhukar and this could be sheer foul play. Since the investigation is going on, it is not proper to opine regarding the role of Mr. Sudhir Angur.

There are injunction orders against Mr. Madhukar Angur, Priyanka B.S. and others by the City Civil Court in the case matters O.S. 3932/2017 and  O.S. 5148/2017, restraining from entering into the premises of the university and interfering in administration and management of Alliance University, Bengaluru and acting in any manner touching its day to day management and business. Further, the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka passed judgement on March 28, 2018 upholding the order of injunctions against Mr. Madhukar Angur and others in the case matters O.S. 3932/2017 and O.S. 5148/2017 of Hon’ble City Civil Courts.


Madhu Sudan Mishra

Alliance University