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Keerthi Raj

Prof. Keerthi Raj

Assistant Professor, Alliance School of Law

Keerthiraj is a faculty of Political Science and International Politics at Alliance School of Law, Alliance University. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in History, Economics and Political Science from Sacred Heart College Madanthyar, Mangalore University and his Master’s Degree in Political Science from the Department of Political Science, Mangalore University in 2015 & Secured Third Rank with Distinction. He is currently pursuing Doctoral Research on ‘Media and Public Perceptions’ at the Department of Political Science, Kuvempu University. He also cleared National Eligibility Test conducted by UGC-CBSE and joined the faculty at Alliance University in 2015. He completed certificate course program in ‘Mind Education’ from International Youth Fellowship, Johannesburg, South Africa and an undergraduate certificate course program in ‘Sociology of Tribal Society’ from Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamilnadu.

His research and teaching interests generally fall into the sub-fields of Political Science with a focus on Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Security Studies, Comparative Studies on Regional Organizations, Theories of International Politics, Oriental Studies, Political Ideologies, Identity Politics and Media discourse. At Alliance University, Keerthiraj has had the opportunity to teach several courses in his fields of expertise.

Keerthiraj has published research on his area, focusing on the Political ideologies and International Politics. He also has published more than 100 articles on Global Power Politics in various Kannada and English Newspapers. On a special note US based author Dr. Bobbie Anne White in her book “Q” Anon: The Reluctant Warrior (2018) cited Keerthiraj’s article ‘Reluctant Idealism and Relevant Mahabharata’ with great importance. This book used Keerthiraj’s article extensively while building arguments.


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