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Chitrakara Hegde

Dr. Chitrakara Hegde

Associate Professor, Alliance College of Engineering and Design

Dr. Chitrakara Hegde is well known internationally for his outstanding research in Chemical Science and Engineering. In particular, he has made important contributions to the analysis and design of energy efficient water purification and desalination reactors. Widely published in scholarly journals of international repute, Dr. Hegde acquired a doctoral degree from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal and holds a postgraduate degree in Chemistry and Mathematics. He has over 19 years of teaching and research experience. He was selected for the  prestigious National Science Academy’s Summer Research Fellowship in the year 2013. Vision Group Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka conferred a Centre for Excellence award for his research project titled “Design, Synthesis of Color based Chemosensors & Nanofiltration membranes for detection and removal of metal ions from contaminated water”.  The Naval Research Board, DRDO, New Delhi approved his project titled “Synthesis and design of new composite polymer membrane for solar assisted membrane distillation for sea water desalination”. As a co-investigator he successfully guided a VTU funded research project. Dr. Hegde is the recipient of the prestigious VIFFA Outstanding Faculty Award - 2015. He is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, United Kingdom and life time member of ISTE, New Delhi.


Research Paper Publications

  1. ‘Synthesis and Desalination Performance of Ar+-N+ irradiated Polysulfone based new NF membrane’ in Desalination 265, 153–158, 2011, with Mahesh Padaki, Arun Isloor, Pikul Wanichapichart & Yu Liangdeng. 
  2. ‘Synthesis, Characterization & Impedance Studies of Some New Nanofiltration  Memmbranes’ in Materials Science Forum. 657(2010), 26-34. 2010, with Mahesh Padki, Chitrakara Hegde, and Arun Isloor.
  3. ‘Synthesis, Characterization and Proton Conductivity of Some Novel Nanofiltration Membranes’, in Iraqui Journal of Polymer 13, 2, 59-74, 2009, with Mahesh Padaki & Arun Isloor
  4. ‘Synthesis and Performance Characterization of PS-PPEES Nanoporous Membranes with Nonwoven Porous Support’ in Arabian journal of chemistry, 6 (3), 319-326, 2013, with Arun M Isloor & Mahesh Padaki
  5. ‘New Composite Membrane of Carboxylated Polysulfone (CPS) – Polyphenylene Ether Ether Sulfone (PPEES) as Potential Material for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell’ in Journal of Applied membrane science and technology. 13, 1-9      2011, with Arun M Isloor, Ganesh Belavadi and Rajesha Kumar.
  6. ‘New CPS-PPEES Blend Membranes for CaCl2 and NaCl Rejection’, in Membrane Water Treatment. 3, 25-34, 2012, with Arun M Isloor, Mahesh Padaki , Ahmad Fauzi Ismail and Lau W.J.
  7. ‘Synthesis and Performance Characterization of PS/ PIMA /PPEES Membranes after Alkali Treatment to Poly (isobutylene-alt-maleic anhydride)’ in Nanohybrids, 1, 99-118, 2012, with Arun M Isloor and Mahesh Padaki.
  8. ‘Ethyl 2-[(,6-dimethylphenyl)-hydrazono]-3-oxobutanoate’, in Acta crystal (2009) E 65, 01541- 01542. 2009, with Hoong-K F, Samuel R.J, Mahesh Padaki , & Arun Isloor
  9. ‘(Z)-1-(2,5-dichloro-3-thienyl)ethanone semicarbazone’ in Acta crystal (2009) E 65 01852-01853. 2009, with Ching Kheng Quah, A. M. Vijesh, & Arun M. Isloor
  10. ‘Crystal and Molecular Structure of Ethyl 2-[(4-hydroxy- phenyl)-hydrazono]-3-oxobutanoate’ in struct.chem. 30  (2010)186-189, 2010 with Kumardhas, Mahesh Padaki, Arun Isloor, & Balasubramanium Sridhar
  11. ‘N-[(4-amino-5-sulfanylidene-4,5-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl)methyl]-4-methylbenzamide’ in Acta cryst. 66 (2010), o2501-o2502. 2010, with Hoong-Kun Fun, Chin Sing Yeap, Yatin Mange & Arun M. Isloor
  12. ‘Synthesis, Characterization & Impedance Studies of Some New Nanofiltration Memmbranes’ in Materials Science Forum. 657(2010), 26-34. 2010, with Mahesh Padki, &  Arun Isloor
  13. ‘Synthesis of New Composite Polymer Membrane From Tapioca Grains - Polysulfone for Desalination’ in Desalination & Water treatment. 52(2014), 1- 8. 2014, with Srilatha Rao & John D’Souza.
  14. ‘Synthesis and Characterization of Partial Blended Green Polymer Electrolytes’, in IJMER, 5,  65-70, 2015, with H. Aswathaman


Research Papers Presented/Published as Conference Proceedings

  1.  ‘Characterization and Conductivity of Some Novel Nanofiltration Membranes’ presented at APA 2009 Conference, December 17- 20, 2009, New Delhi, written with Mahesh Padki & Arun Isloor
  2. ‘Characterization and Conductivity of Nanofiltration Membrane and their Rejection Study for Pyrolusite Ore Waste Water’ presented at International symposium on emerging trends in environment, health and safety management in mining and mineral based industries, Aug 21-22, 2010, NITK, Surathkal written with Mahesh Padki & Arun Isloor Synthesis
  3. ‘Synthesis, Characterization and Performance Studies Of Some New Polysulfone Based Membranes’ presented at APA 2009, December 17- 20, 2009, New Delhi, written with Mahesh Padki & Arun Isloor
  4. ‘Synthesis, Characterization of Polysulfone Based Composite Nanofiltration Membranes’  presented at NCRTCR 2010, March 8- 10, 2009, NITK, Surathkal written with Mahesh Padki, & Arun Isloor
  5. ‘Synthesis, Characterization and Performance Studies of Novel NF Membranes’ presented at Australian Polymer Symposium, 30 Nov -04 Dec 2008, Melbourne, Australia, written with Arun M. Isloor.
  6. ‘Synthesis of New Composite Polymer Membrane From Tapioca Grains - Polysulfone for Water Purification’, KSTA Conference, 19 -20 Dec 2012, written with Arun M. Isloor and Srilatha Rao
  7. ‘Synthesis and Surface Modification of Polysulfone - 1,4 -polyphenylene ether - ether - sulfone Membrane by Argon Plasma Treatment’, presented at ICRAMST-13, January, 17-19, 2013, NITK, Surathkal, written with Arun M. Isloor
  8. ‘Characterization of Tapioca Based Partial Green Polymer Blended Electrolytes’, presented at ICPPC 2014,            11-13 October,  2014, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, written with H. Aswathaman & Srilatha Rao
  9. ‘Gel Based Fuel of Aluminium Nanoparticles’ presented at 59th International Conference of the Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ISTAM), December 17-20, 2014, Alliance University written with Shreeya Chatterjee, & Abhishek.K.R
  10. ‘Bench Scale DCMD Desalination’ presented at Sixth International conference on Metals in Genetics, Chemical Biology and Therapeutics, ICMG-2016February 17-20, 2016, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, written with Aswathaman H       


Research Projects & Consulting

  1. ‘Synthesis, Spectral and Crystal Studies of Some Benzamides and Their Biological Activities’, sponsored  by VTU – Research project completed
  2. "Synthesis and Design of New Composite Polymer Membrane for Solar Assisted Membrane Distillation of Sea Water’, ongoing research project sponsored by Naval Research Board, DRDO, New Delhi
  3. "Centre For Excellence In: Design, Synthesis of Color Based Chemosensors & Nanofiltration Membranes for Detection and Removal of Metal Ions from Contaminated Water’, ongoing research project sponsored by VGST, Karnataka        


Awards Won

  1. ‘Outstanding  Faculty Award  -2015’, awarded by VIFFA (Venus International Faculty Foundation), year 2015