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Karanam Nagaraja Rao

Dr. Karanam Nagaraja Rao

Adjunct Faculty, Alliance School of Business

Dr. Karanam Nagaraja Rao is a Ph.D. in Management Science from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad. He worked for more than two decades in different capacities in LIC of India and also worked as State Operations Manager in charge of Karnataka in Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company for four years before joining academics.  He worked for one year (2009-10) as faculty at Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI), Ahmedabad and in 2011 joined Alliance University.

As his Post-Graduation is in Political Science, Doctorate from the faculty of Management Science, Profession by Insurance and inquisitiveness in spiritualism, his areas of interest in research and teaching include Constitutional Studies, Insurance and Risk Management, General Management areas such as Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Spirituality in Management Studies.  He is currently teaching Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics to the MBA students and Indian Constitution to BBM students. Apart from that he is teaching Insurance and Risk Management for Commerce students.

He has to his credit more than 50 articles in national and international journals on topics related to Marketing, Insurance, Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Spirituality in Management.  Some of the journals where his articles are published include the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDAI) journal, IIM (Bangalore), Drishtikon (a journal of Symbiosis), Asia Pacific Journal of Research in Business Management, Management Journal from Banaras Hindu University, Organiser, Asia Pacific Journal Of Management, ISOL Journal, International Journal of Information Systems Management Research & Development, Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, Research Journal of Social Science & Management to name a few.  He has attended more than 30 national and international conferences.

He did his Yoga (Instructor Course) from S.Vyasa University, Bangalore in 2015. He completed ‘Advanced Vedanta Course’ from Chinmaya International Foundation in 2012. As a matter of academic interest completed four levels of Sanskrit examinations including ‘Kovida’  from Samskrita Bharathi, Bangalore in 2015.

He is passionate in writing poems in English and Telugu and an avid reader of classical literature. Some of his Telugu articles are published in the Telugu magazines.

Articles Published

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Cases Published

  • Rao, Nagaraja & Dwivedi, K. Amit, 2014, “Chaitanya Chemicals- The tough journey with Entrepreneurial Spirit”,European Case Competition House (ECCH), Nov, 2014
  • Rao, Nagaraja, Nair, Aswathi, Mukul, Kumar, 2016, “HR CHALLENGES IN MANAGING PRIMA DONNA”, Case Center, Reference no. 416-0031-1, Version:19-Mar-2016
  • Aswathi, Nair & Rao, Nagaraja, 2017, “Strategic Hiring- A case of Emirates Airlines’ Cabin Crew Recruitment”, Economic Times Cases- GSMC, 16th Februry, 2017
  • Rao, Nagaraja & Kundu, Sukanya, Venugopal,G, “EMERGENCE OF BRAND LIC AS ICON OF INDIAN LIFE INSURANCE MARKET” , European Case Center, 22.03.2018

Books published:

  • An academic text book, “Management Insights from Motivational Slokas”, 2018, ISBN 978-1-5457-1282-5, Educreation Publishers
  • A text book on Insurance, “Principles and Practices of Risk and Insurance”, 2013, Novelty & Co, Bihar, ISBN 978-93-81785-49-2
  • “Rural Management in Post- Reform Era”- 2012, an Edited Book published by Book well publications, New Delhi, (ISBN: 978-93-80574-31-8)
  • “Rural Development in Post- Colonial Era”- 2012, an Edited Book published by Book well publications, New Delhi, (ISBN: 978-93-80574-30-1)
  • “Smiling Sinews”, a book of jokes, published in June, 2016 – both e book and hard copy.
  • Alliance Research Excellence Award for the year 2012-13 given out by the Chancellor of Alliance University