Chatbots & Tech Careers

Nowadays to leverage the load and staff requirements, chatbots are used as first line of contact in various business purposes like healthcare systems, marketing, finance, educational systems etc. Advantages of using this chatbot are.

  • Handles the repetitiveness.
  • Humans feel comfortable in clearing doubts.
  • Availability and readiness in replying to queries.
  • Faster and accurate answers based on policies, procedures etc.



Rule based:

The bots can reply to simple queries based on the results stored on database or rule base. This kind of bot cannot handle complex queries. They can answer through simple lookups in the database.

Artificial Intelligent Enabled Chatbot:

Artificial Intelligent Enabled Chatbot

These are called intelligent bots and they can learn from the user experience from various and answer complex queries.

The evolution of intelligent bots over the decades is remarkable. Recent development deploys deep learning algorithms like Recurrent Neural Network (RNN), Long Shot Term Memory (LSTM), Autoencoders, Transformers, Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3(GPT3) with Natural Language Processing System (NLP). Recently Open AI, the organization lead by Elon Musk has launched its chatbot designed using GPT3 model which is an open-source tool. This model can adapt and learn extremely fast, and it can work in various modes at the interaction level.

It can mimic creative writing and adapt any style of writing like Shakespeare and other others. It can write and explain code written in various programming languages at various levels. Generate text for chatting in social media and engage users through conversations at various levels like empathy level, knowledge level and able to switch modes while conversing. Apart from this text summarization is can also be done for huge document source.

Is AI enabled bots are manipulative?

Sometimes the AI system can be manipulated, Tay was AI enabled chatbot designed and released by Microsoft in Twitter on March 23, 2016; it caused controversy when the bot used offensive tweets through its Twitter account, Microsoft called off the project after 16 hours after its launch. According to Microsoft, this issue is caused by intruders who “attacked” the service by introducing abusive comments and bots made replies based on those interactions with people on Twitter. So sometimes the AI enabled systems can be manipulated too so the Microsoft have come rule set in making AI system as responsible AI systems which includes fairness, responsibility and safety, privacy, security, and inclusiveness.


Dr. K.Ramalakshmi
Professor, CSE,
Alliance School of Engineering and Design.