MBA in International Business: Your Passport to Jobs with Global Exposure

An MBA degree earned from the best MBA colleges in India has always been one of the most desirable professional qualifications for various well-paid positions across industries and organizations. There are a plethora of lucrative job options for MBA graduates providing them not only with stout pay packages but also a global career with ultimate job satisfaction.

With the fast-growing development and progression in the corporate sector, the importance of this degree has increased even more. MBA in International Business is relatively a newer branch of management education that has emerged from the rapid expansion of businesses beyond geographical boundaries. It is a course offered by the top MBA colleges in India that equips students with all the required skills and adaptability to keep pace with the trends in international businesses.

MBA in International Business: an overview 

The rapid globalization in the past few decades has made the entire world a small village wherein a phenomenal rise in the number of multinational companies has made the businesses and industries more international. Each country is trying to harness the potential of these companies not only to boost their economy but also to create more and more employment opportunities for their people. And, it is a fact beyond doubt that when any business expands globally, it needs professionals who can handle its business operations in foreign lands according to the specific requirements of that country.

Those who are trained at some of the best MBA colleges in India with an international degree in hand are the most suitable candidates to meet the needs of these multinational companies. In a nutshell, an MBA degree in International Business is not only a passport to a global career but also an opportunity to explore the world from the point of view of different business perspectives.

Career Scope after MBA in International Business 

An MBA degree earned from any of the best MBA colleges in India with a specialization in International Business is ideal for students who are willing to develop a global mindset by comprehensively understanding global business management practices. This degree of high professional value not only exposes them to newer ideas of facing professional challenges but also opens doors to various potential areas to work in. Some of the most in-demand areas are discussed below:

Management Analyst/Consultant 

After completing your MBA in international business from any of the top MBA colleges in India, you will get an opportunity to work as a Management Analyst or Consultant. In this job role you will be:

  • Solving different business problems and providing the management with the solution to them.
  • Providing the management of the organization with concrete advice on how to increase the revenue and better the overall business performance.
  • Presenting new findings along with fruitful recommendations
  • Assisting global clients of the company in all crucial issues.

Sales Manager 

The post of a sales manager in any organization holds crucial importance. Most students with the inclination for sales during their course in the best MBA colleges in India aspire for this post. As a sales manager in a multinational company, it would be your prime concern that the company achieves all its sales targets. Some of the other activities you will be responsible for include the following:

  • Coordinating with sales team in all everyday affairs
  • Promoting the products and services the company deals in
  • Setting monthly sales targets and encouraging the sales team to achieve them
  • Training the sales team whenever and whenever required
  • Tracking the sales figures and performance
  • Grabbing potential global customers
  • Finding new business opportunities.

International Trader

Also well-known worldwide as securities or commodities traders, international traders with an MBA degree in hand earned from the best MBA colleges in India are responsible for counseling corporate clients on a wide range of business issues and concerns regarding the trade and investment opportunities in international businesses. They make a minute analysis and assessment of their client’s financial strengths and provide them with suitable advice accordingly. They also offer them advice regarding different types of international business strategies to secure capital.

Financial Controller 

After the completion of your MBA degree in International Business from any of the best MBA colleges in India, you can also find the opportunity to work as a financial controller. In this role, you will be responsible for managing all aspects associated with the financial reporting of the organization. Some of these concerns include the preparation of taxes, payrolls, accounts, and transactions. As a financial controller of a multinational company, you will also be collaborating and communicating with the organization’s all the department heads with a holistic understanding of all the aspects of the company’s business.

Some of your main duties will involve:

  • Keeping the accounting system of the company professionally managed
  • Inventing and finding newer ways to bring betterment to the company’s financial reporting
  • Collecting debts
  • Keeping the records of all transactions and processes.


Those who earn a degree in international business management from the top MBA colleges in India can also find an opportunity to work as a mediator or arbitrator. In this role, you will be closely working with different individuals, companies, or even governments to take the company out of a difficult situation. The disputes you will be solving might include those caused by any financial transactions, the difference of opinion, conflict of interest, or any other factor.

Your main duties will involve:

  • Making a thorough evaluation of the conflict or dispute and deeply understanding what has caused them
  • Inventing and identifying different strategies, and policies as part of the most suitable solution to the problems
  • Assisting all parties in not only understanding and realizing the conflict but also implementing a remedy that is mutually beneficial and acceptable.

Which University to Approach for an MBA in International Business?

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