Learning with intent- a fresh perspective

Learning with intent- a fresh perspective

Learning and upgrading are an inevitable part of our lives and there are no second thoughts on this. However, learning for the sake of it does not yield any positives results, because, at times, we do it just because it is a part of the compliance process at work or any formal project.

So, the larger question here is:

How do we change these perspectives and focus on a process to learn to raise our intellectual standards?

The first prerequisite for learning is to have the proper mindset to learn: one that implies learning with an ‘intent’ or ‘purpose’. It is achievable when we make our minds and decide upon what, when, how, and from whom to learn.

Going by this simple scheme, the first and foremost step is to first set up a goal as to what we want to learn within that specific period. Remember that these goals should not be too many or too few, since it may prove to be counterproductive, and having fewer goals may lead to opportunities forgone. As the world evolves at a faster pace, and one can’t afford to be left behind. Here the catch is to ascertain the optimal number of goals to be accomplished within a given period.

It is imperative to set the appropriate time frame, as this would depend on the nature of the goal and its difficulty level. Consistent efforts always meet success, So, we need to set up a deadline to achieve our learning goals and help create an environment of consistency and urgency.

The next step is to find a learning figure for ourselves. For reasons of embarrassment or hesitation or the fear of exposing our laws, many of us do not feel at ease to reach out to others for help. However, this is not true because seeking help is a sign of strength and not weakness. When we seek support from colleagues, it broadens our perspective and is one of the best ways to learn, as the feedback loops provided by this network of people help us improve in more ways than one. A fine example to explain this is, for instance, you want to learn ‘Yoga’ at home by watching some videos on ‘YouTube’ and practice. It might not give you the best outcome as there may be days when you lack the motivation to stick to the routine that you may excuse yourself just because you are in your own space. However, if you join a network of people, you get lots of feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. In a way, it helps you socialize and grow with others. Selecting the appropriate network of individuals for help is a prerequisite to arrive at positive results.

So, let us make intentional learning a habit to enrich our lives with effective learning outcomes and progress in life without any obstacles. Inculcating intentional learning means that even despite the obstacles, we will successfully navigate through and overcome all odds.


Prof. Suprabha Bakshi
Assistant Professor
Alliance School of Business