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Ms. Rajani Siddaraju
Alliance Adventure Club has brought great turns and twist to my life!! I am an MBA Marketing student who had a fear of heights but this club has made me overcome this fear. Especially the support of team head Mr. Philips Stanley has helped us to kick start our life in the field of adventure for the individual who wants to view his life in the different dimension. Alliance Adventure Club brings in a great enthu in individual life and strengthens individual willpower and being the team member of Alliance Adventure club, it’s the best platform provided to any individual .

Ms. Rajani Siddaraju : MBA 2014-16 - Alliance School of Business
Mr. Shravan Bhat
Life had changed after I became a part of Alliance Adventure Club. Adventure sports have made me see things differently. Life is one big adventure which teaches us to survive and succeed. Be it mere crossing of a road or a 100 ft. rappelling, it is all adventure if taken in right spirit. And each activity has a lesson to teach. A small trekking event teaches discipline and listening skills which can get disastrous if not followed. The normal corporate or student life also has a similar rule.

Having participated in over 15 adventure activities in about 2 years has given a tremendous amount of positive energy in me. Water activities like kayaking relaxes mind and rejuvenate it. While activities like bamboo raft helps in physical build where the raft has to be built before setting to sail.
Fear of failure makes a dream impossible according to Paulo Coelho which is rightly said. The strongest factor to success is the belief in oneself. I always remember one thing rightly told when I did my first activity – “If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you find an excuse .

Mr. Shravan Bhat : MBA 2013-15 - Alliance School of Business
Mr. Lal Bahadur Singh Rajput
The Alliance Adventure Activities team was great at organizing their activities and offered an amazing adventures experience for all. Whatever level of adventure experience we may have, there would be something for us to try. I have enjoyed each and every moment in club as a member as well as a participant in every activity in my tenure of two year MBA. This helped me to gain confidence and to overcome my fear. Thank you Alliance Adventure club for be a part of my life .

Mr. Lal Bahadur Singh Rajput : MBA 2012-14 - Alliance School of Business
I am honored to be a part of the elite club in Alliance University. This is the only club which gets the adrenaline pumping even for a non-sport/adventure enthusiast. Alliance Adventure Club is the most exciting and most happening club with loads of events and activities undertaken to test the limits of an individual. The courage and determination of the lads in the club is mesmerizing. I don't think so I'll come across any other club which utilizes the right amount of potential of the members and the event participants .

Mr. TEJUS V : MBA 2013-15 - Alliance School of Business
At Alliance Adventure Club it's not only about venturing out and taking part in some activities, it's all about understanding the spirit of adventure sport and inculcating it in one’s blood. The various places I have been to, and the numerous activities I have taken part in has always thrilled me and kept me longing for more!! Every trip is just not a trip, it’s getting together with your peers and leading one another as a team. Being a part of team AAC has not only helped me know more about adventure sports and let the fear out, it has helped me gain leadership skills and thought me how to organize excursions and how important is giving detail to the minute of things, record keeping and reporting is another valuable skill that i have gained, which i believe is a must know in everyday life. Being a prat of team AAC has been a great experience. Looking forward for greater adventures.......!!! .
Mr. RAHUL R : BBA LLB (Hons) 2013-18 - Alliance School of Law
Mr. Naga Koushik
The best ever moments in my life were topped with the various adventure activities and various experiences which i faced during those activities. I consider being associated with AAC (Alliance Adventure Club) as one of my best decisions in life because i learnt a lot after becoming a part of it. It is not just about having fun doing various adventure activities. It builds up the level of confidence and the ability to face & solve various complex situations in life. Various aspects like team building, leadership, management, accounting and so on are key learnings through AAC which i have learnt. It’s all about Fun Learning where we learn along with having fun so that it will be in our mind and hearts forever. I hope to see more and more events with lots of fun and learning by AAC further .
Mr. Naga Koushik : MBA 2014-16 - Alliance School of Business
Mr. Amarjyoti Bordoloi
Alliance Adventure Club.... HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations the major part an MBA programme that combines this club for an amazing experience...... But not to forget the best part.... FUN.. Which u normally don't find so easily.... Amazing 2 years of experience through which this club has actually taught us all even before we getting graduated...

And not to forget the amazing adventure sports.... The club has achieved targets from below sea level(scuba diving "Goa") to above sea level(sky diving "Mysore").... Conquering all the forces of mother earth... .
Mr. Amarjyoti Bordoloi : MBA 2013-15 - Alliance School of Business
Mr. Yash Rungta
Being associated with Alliance Adventure Club has been the best step for me so far, I have not only learned a lot more about adventure sports, but skills such as how to solve a complex situation, team spirit, management are some of the many skills that I have learned under the guidance of Mr. Philip Stanley, he has been a true mentor for all of us in the club constantly providing us with support and motivation. Being a part of the Alliance Adventure Club has brought great enthusiasm and self-confidence within me, it has been a great platform which I have received so far.

Being a part of the Alliance Adventure Club has been the best experience. Looking forward for many more events, fun, learning and memories..... .
Mr. Yash Rungta : B. Tech (Aerospace) 2014-18 - Alliance College of Engineering and Design
Mr. Kaup Rajesh Shetty
Alliance Adventure Club is the sporting club where an individual can experience different kind of sporting action than any other.

One of the Best adventure clubs which I ever come across so far and I must say that Mr. Philip Stanley, the mentor with high caliber and experienced instructor in all form of Sports has given all kind of support, Motivation and Information regarding the any kind of Adventure Sports.

The AAC will give the friendly experience in all level of our sporting actions .
Mr. Kaup Rajesh Shetty : Law Officer - Alliance University
Prof. Suresh B
Alliance Adventure Club is creating experiential learning for all the participants. As a participant in the scuba diving event I learnt how to overcome fear and it is a memorable event in my life. Students who participated in these events have experienced excitement, joy and it has helped them in enhancing self-confidence and risk taking ability.

Please continue to do 1000’s of such events and help the students to become more enterprising in their life .
Prof. Suresh B : Alliance School of Business - Alliance University