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Alliance Bureau of Investigation

Alliance Bureau of Investigation

Who does not love a bit of mystery or cracking mysterious cases?

The Alliance Bureau of Investigation gives the students an opportunity to investigate cases and solve the mysteries of various cases.

The team observes carefully and solves mysteries by reading in between the lines. Every mystery leads the "Detectives" – a team of two or three to the next clue. The team that finds the maximum number of clues get closer to cracking the case and wins.

This team work requires a lot of observation and problem solving skills and depth of understanding with the actual objective of solving the cases. This helps the team to investigate the case from all angles and perspectives and also to keep an eye out for what is not obviously apparent.

Fostering awareness and presence of mind is integral to the training of university students across the world. The use of mock crime scenes and mock investigative drills is a unique and original extra-curricular endeavour intended to inculcate the above mentioned values. Alliance Bureau of Investigation (ABI) is created to chart young brilliant minds help learn and understand the nitty-gritties of crime investigation, evidence collection and law-enforcement procedures in a fun-filled, participatory and non- rigorous manner helping supplement class room training for students, cutting across disciplines.

Though purely extra-curricular, non-academic and voluntary, ABI mock case investigations endeavour to be an addition to business. They are project specific and rely on legal case studies relevant for future managers, engineers and lawyers. Mock crime scene investigations under the auspices of the Alliance Bureau of Investigation, in this regard promises to be an original pedagogical addition to the innovative learning methods already being practiced in the university helping students achieve their fullest potential in all areas of personality development.

So grab those magnifying glasses and begin your exciting adventure, Team Sherlock!

We have earned the trust of more then 1,800 students

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