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Assistant Registrar and Head – Alliance Adventure Club, Alliance University

Program Head

Philips Stanley is an Ex Serviceman from the Indian Army, Provost Instructor in Corps of Military Police and School and Signal Instructor from the Military College of Telecommunication and Engineering. He has 27 years of experience in the areas of Strategic Security, Security Management, Security Planning, Physical Security, Intelligence, Vigilance & Surveillance, Loss Prevention and Administration.

Mr. Phillips believes Army and Adventure go hand in hand as Army has full of adventure known and unknown and the challenge lies in the tackling the FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. To conquer one’s fear and work effortlessly at the borders of the country is itself an adventure cum commitment.

Seeking new versions in Adventure sports and doing by self has unleashed the potential of taking innumerable risks and facing the unknown whatever it may be with a conscious awareness that "I CAN DO IT" and this turned into a passion of extending this aspect of his personality to the young minds in the Alliance University.

Education and adventure sports integrated together is a wonderful aspect of grooming one’s own personality that helps the young mind to keep stress free and face challenges later in life. India is a beautiful country with bountiful natural beauty and adventure sports also helps the participants to experience nature in all its awe. Passion for adventure sports has become a life line for Mr. Phillips and it is difficult for anyone to believe what he would have done otherwise.

Having experienced an adventurous life in the Indian Military and with a will to share his experiences and the lessons learnt in the due course, and with a vision to integrate adventure sports and education together, he took the initiative of the “ALLIANCE ADVENTURE CLUB”. After the formation of The Alliance Adventure Club Mr. Phillips has organized more than 40 different types of adventure sports regularly not only for the students, but also for the faculty and staff members.

Mr. Phillips has been an excellent mentor not only from adventure sports point of view, but also in teaching skills which cannot be taught within the class rooms of any institution. Team work, handling sudden & complex situations, surviving out of comfort zones, stress handling, emotional balance & the will to take risk to name a few of them

An adventure is a dangerous experience that leaves you with an interesting story to tell, if you survive.

- Michael Banks

Stanley is passionate about adventure sports and has to his credit 3 National & 7 International research papers on Adventure Sports, they are as follows:-

Experiential Discovering across Adventure Sports (ISBN-978-81-920859-9-9)
Creativity in Management Practices with Adventure Sports (Awarded a BEST PAPER)
Emerging Trends in Management Practices with Adventure Sports for Holistic Development Of Future Managers (ISBN-978-93-81212-42-4)
CSR Through Employee Engagement in Events and Outbound Learning (Adventure Sports) for Sustainable Business Environment (ISBN 978-93-81212-39-4)
Management Practices with Adventure Sports (ISBN 978-93-81212-56-1)

Mr. Philips Stanley
Assistant Registrar,
Alliance University

We have earned the trust of more then 1,800 students

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