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Student Testimonials

Archanaa K


Swami Vivekananda says, “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man”. The two years at Alliance have helped me realize my potential and has facilitated an excellent start to my career. Very supportive faculty, state of the art in...Read More

Ashwin T

HCL Infosystems

The last two years at Alliance were not just a transformation, but was really formation of leadership qualities, interpersonal skills and whatever this huge market demands in real time. Life teaches us so many things and for the rest you have Allianc...Read More

Abhitej Tripurari

Business Octane

Alliance – a school of Knowledge, skills, excellence, discipline, fun, memories and many more. Two years of life at Alliance have given me an experience for a lifetime. I came here with a dream, a passion to achieve something and everything here he...Read More

Aakriti Jain

ITC Infotech

My journey at Alliance has been an adventurous learning experience. It has allowed me to develop my leadership and team building skills, allowing me to nourish a career in the right direction....Read More

Pradeep Pai


Firstly I would like to thank Alliance for all the opportunities it has provided me. The last two years that I have spent here have been a great learning experience, working with classmates and top class professors from a wide range of backgrounds an...Read More

Aayush Arya


For me Alliance is not just about studies but it is about gaining a life-time experience that has helped me to nurture and transform into a true professional. Alliance provided me with all the resources to ensure that learning is a never ending proce...Read More

Kanika Setia

HCL Technologies

Alliance has given me the best platform of knowledge, values and skills which are essential in this competitive world. It has enriched me both professionally and personally. It has a world class infrastructure, class room trainings and a wonderful en...Read More



I am very excited about my decision to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration course at the School of Business. The course is rigorous and offers a student the flexibility to choose a specialization of study: one that matches aspirations, skill...Read More

Priti Kumari


As a working professional who has re-entered academics, the Master of Business Administration at Alliance University School of Business has equipped me with subject-matter expertise to understand and correlate to the real world of business. The exten...Read More

Vijayalaxmi Dhaka


As a management professional who has chosen to pursue an MBA at Alliance University School of Business, I find that it is truly rewarding to be back in the classroom with a diverse set of peers who enrich the learning experience. The course is delive...Read More

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