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Kavita Goel

Dr. Kavita Goel

Assistant Professor, Alliance School of Law

+91 80 30699221

She has done Ph.D. in criminal law from Surat University and holds an LL.M.  degree in Business law. She qualified NET in 2007. She has experience of court practice for one year with seven years of teaching experience in various law colleges. She has taught family law, IPR, IPC, collective violence and arbitration law to LL.B and LL.M. students.  She has experience of giving lectures on criminal law in police training schools.

Research paper publications:

  1. An article entitled, “Right to Food: Food Security for All” published in 2010(4) SCJ
  2. Article entitled, “Exemption to Minority Educational Institutions: A Privilege or Disability” published in part 17 vol. 3, SCJ 2013
  3. Article “Communalism and Secularism: The two Facet of Coin or A Mean of Power Game” published in Manupatra 2013

Paper presentation in conferences:

  1. Paper presentation in National Conference organized by Christ University on “Social Security: A Fundamental Right of Unorganized Labour” in March 2013.
  2. Paper presentation organized by Surat University on “Communalism and Secularism: The two Facet of Coin or A Mean of Power Game” in State Seminar Surat in 2103.

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