Vismaya 2017

Vismaya is an amazing and enthralling extravaganza of dance, art, music and theatre, all at its best.

Firstly, you will witness coruscating lights and jaw dropping action spectacles on one side, while on the other, you will experience the art of being happy with oneself through solo dance performances, passion, love and sizzling chemistry through duet performances, and harmonious unity through group dance and split screen performances. Soon after sailing through these various facets, we will then take you on a ride to the stage of mockery and parody with movie spoofs.

Secondly, you will come across numerous pictures painting a thousand words, depicting an array of emotions portraying reality (and a little fiction for those who fancy that!), and imparting knowledge through a splash of colours on the canvas of one’s choice, be it paper or even your friend’s face! You will be given brushes to stroke your creative canvas and create that masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of!

Soon after, you will be compelled to dance to the stunning music of our bands battling it out; find yourself astounded by our beat- boxers, and experience the magic of the world of pseudo-reality where the invisible find its space, through the act of mime! So, come join us in celebrating this festival of colours, emotions and all our varied cultures, like never before!

Leader Ladder

Event: Starts from April 19, 2017

Who would you call a 'leader'?

Someone who guides, leads and perhaps motivates too! And, it is our strong belief that there lies a ‘leader’ in each and every one of you! If you believe the same, then be a sport and join us in our climb to the top. Showcase your best leadership traits by taking part of our event - 'Leader Ladder'

Now, you must be wondering - what is 'Leader Ladder'? As the saying goes, "to reach any pinnacle of success a forerunner has to pass through different tests or levels in different categories", thus proving that they are the best. The same principle is the foundation of our categories:

  1. SPEECHIFIER: This category helps in lighting up your skills, towards being an effective ‘Orator’. In order to win this, you must possess an innate sense of passion and charisma, in putting forward your words to the world.
  2. MARKETEASER: Bring out your creativity, wittiness and killer-instincts by being a part of this category; thus helping you prove that you are the 'Master of Markets'.
  3. FISCAL-FINESSE: If you love numbers, then this category is just for you! Brainstorm, speculate and crack calculations as this is where our search for 'rationales' and intellectuals' will finally see its end.
  4. TECHNOTWIST: Call yourself a leader of today, then get your best thought forward. Catch the tricks, track the twists, solve the puzzles; however, remember ‘even the toughest puzzles have solutions!’

Fashion Show

Stylelura 2017

Are you a Fashionista? Are you looking for an opportunity to show that you belong to the world of fashion? Here is a chance for you to fly high in pursuit of your dream. We, at Alliance University are here with a fashion show 'Stylelura'Fashion Fades, and Style Remains, as Coco Chanel once rightly put it!

To make this wonderful evening a splendid hit, we need your participation and support.

Registration for auditions:

Date: April 17, 2017.

Time: 09:00 AM onwards (09:00 AM - 01:00 PM).

Location: First floor of the F1 campus – Main Building


Date: April 17, 2017.

Time: 02:00 PM onwards.

Venue: Room No. 1, Annex I

Terms & Conditions

  • Obscenity is strictly prohibited
  • Dress code for the audition is white T-shirt and blue/black jeans
  • Heels are compulsory for girls
  • No coloured lenses will be entertained
  • Decision of the judges will be final and binding on all participants
  • All participants are expected to be present on time

Registration Closed


Alliance University,
19th Cross, 7th Main,
BTM II Stage, N. S. Palya,
Bengaluru - 560076,
Karnataka, India


Event Heads

Cultural Head
Name: Monali Panda
Mob.: +91 99162 25020
Leader Ladder Head
Name: Priyansh Trivedi
Mob.: +91 86021 12960
Fashion Head
Name: Fahad Khan
Mob.: +91 98010 66234